New Beginnings

by Shay Doerflinger on November 3, 2013

I am so excited, and frankly a little nervous, as I start off on this new adventure. For many of  you, who are much more technology savvy than myself, this would probably be a piece of  cake. However, for me, it has been quite a trip getting  here!  Even though it has taken me several years, many miles and a few bumps in the road to be at this place in my life, I am truly humbled to be here. I have come to strongly believe and appreciate, that old saying, better late than never…so here I am!

Thankfully over several decades, I have been blessed to learn some very valuable “God”  truths.  I think about how different my life could have been if I had known, and really understood, many of these truths when I was younger. My ever-growing passion is to encourage women of all ages to pursue God’s dreams for them, no matter where they are on their journey, or what has transpired along the way.

I would be honored to have you  join me on this expedition as we continue to unearth who we are and what God has designed for our lives. Some of the truths He has revealed to me can totally turn your life around, and make you believe for the seemingly impossible! Do you have any impossibilities in your life? Any dreams that are only being held together with cobwebs? Or perhaps you desperately need a new purpose at this time in your life? Let’s discover together what God has to say about your future. You never know, it  might just change your life forever when you see the dreams that He dreams for You!

Until next time..begin to listen ever so closely.  God is speaking and whispering Hope, right now, right to your heart!




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