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The Desert

            These days we hear a lot about the desert. It seems that many of God’s children are experiencing periods of visitation there. In my own life it was a place of residency for several years. It is a place where we are led, because honestly, most of us would do everything within our power to avoid it.  I was no different. I did not go there by my own choosing,  but I can honestly say that today I am thankful for my time spent there. I entered knowing the God of my salvation but I left knowing God as my intimate Father. A God who loves me just as I am. There is nothing that I can do to make him love me more and thankfully there is nothing I can do that makes him love me less. That revelation alone was definitely worth the stay there!

            However, while there, the desert can be a lonely quiet place where days seem endless. Often we feel forgotten, or even worse rejected.  God wants you to know that nothing could be farther from the truth.  You are being prepared for kingdom purposes. God our Father has great plans for you and he is changing your heart to line up with His. Allow the Lord to heal you in every area that He feels necessary. Often we aren’t even aware of the things that have wounded us causing us to hold back, even from Him. Sometimes we even buy the lie that He doesn’t really love us, if He did why would He allow these things to come into our life? God’s love, mercy and grace overwhelms me. Even though we don’t deserve them, He graciously gives them… new, every morning. His heart is to have intimate fellowship with us and He is willing to wait until we are able too trust him with our whole heart. No matter how long that takes, He never leaves our side.


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  During my stay in the desert the Lord taught me many things. One that I would like to share will not only transform you, but will help transcend your environment.   Unless you live close to a desert you might have a distorted picture of how some look. I envisioned it as a dry, desolate, sandy place with no visible signs of life. However, I learned that a desert can prove to be a place of new life, growth, reproduction and fruit.  The dessert doesn’t have distracting noises and there are no obstructions to the heavens, just a massive open sky.

One of the most amazing plants in the desert is the  saguaro. These amazing cacti can grow to seventy feet and live up to one hundred and fifty years.  For them to grow an arm may take as long as seventy-five years. The arm is very important because that is where their reproductive ability lies. The major obstacle they must overcome is lack of water. When it rains these extraordinary plants soak it up . The cacti visibly expand to absorb the water and then conserve it for later use. Native birds find refuge inside these plants and in late June they produce a desirable ruby red fruit which contains thousands of seeds.

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When looking at the cacti I saw them as a testimony that life still goes on in the desert. You might feel like you’re dying and sometimes even wish you would; yet if we will wisely observe the life there we’ll understand how to survive  when we’re in the desert places.  The Saguaro not only survives but actually thrives. It’s tall stem and arms are lifted upward as if in thankfulness for its provision.  This can serve as a reminder to us to continually be thankful no matter what our environment. If we will do that we will not only live but we will be able to reproduce seed. Perhaps we can even provide a place of shelter and rest for others while they’re in their desert. If we will soak in His presence, just like the saguaro, we will have all we need in the dry times. We can then flower and even bring forth good fruit.

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Be encouraged, this is a season of “suddenlies”. God is leading his children out of the desert, your time there is almost over. Until then, soak in His presence and love, lift your arms in thankfulness, look for those around you that you might help and allow God to make you whole.


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