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Hi, I’m Shay Doerflinger and I’m so glad to meet you! I am thankful for the opportunity to share a little about myself, my family and how I got here. Max, my 6 year old Schnoodle, and I live in a small town outside of Music City, USA.  I am blessed to be the mother of two wonderful children who grew up  in a comfortable, small southern town. A town where most people know your parents, grandparents and sometimes even your great grandparents. A town where there is a strong feeling of community This kind of environment makes it especially hard for one to leave and try and make it on his or her own. It takes great courage to leave everyone you’ve ever known behind; however, both my children decided to stretch their wings, face the unknown and pursue their dreams.

My daughter Ashley, her husband Rich and their six children, reside in New Tripoli, PA. They live in a lovely stone farmhouse and pastor a thriving  church plant near by.  Thankfully Ashley requires very little sleep and has an extremely high energy level! 🙂 My son Chase, a natural born salesman, set sales records while working part-time while still in college.  He recently moved to New York City where he is a salesman for Ralph Lauren.  Along the way, I was blessed with a second son, not from birth, but as a gift from God. Jim and his wife Mel live in Chandler, AZ where they are raising two boys and Jim manages a steel company.

As you can see my children were taught that they could do anything …and they believed it! During my 31 year career as a high school counselor/ teacher, I daily poured myself into helping young people dream big dreams. My message was simply that you can do or be anything, if you only believe.

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Like many of you, somewhere along the way, I lost that idea for myself. Occasionally, I would see glimpses of it, but then in an instant it would be gone again! Finally, there came a day where it could no longer even be imagined. Actually, it was as if the world had lost all of its brilliant colors and I could only see things in black and white. I even began to be tolerant of black and white…at least I could still see.

Thankfully our loving heavenly Father is not content for us to live with such low expectations. One day He spoke to me and challenged my heart with His dreams for my life.  I could hardly believe it, as they were so much bigger than anything I had ever dreamed for myself! In the last year I have written my first book and created my own greeting card line using my children’s photography. The colors are not only back in my life but they are  Vibrant…you could even say they are dazzling!

Today my passion is to help women dream again and to find their purpose…their “dazzling purpose”. Does that sound a little hard to believe, that you not only have a divine purpose, but that it could be so beyond your dreams that it could change your life forever?  Well you do …and it is! God wants you to live Large and  Dream Big. He wants to stretch your heart and your mind when it comes to His plans for your life.

Could your life use a little “dazzle“, or maybe you even need help believing that it is still possible? I would be honored to walk along side of you for a while, and encourage you; as we learn how to dream again- and then live those dreams- with our hearts …and our eyes-wide-open.

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Dani Johnson October 31, 2014 at 9:12 am

How encouraging! I look forward to your words of encouragement as we open ourselves to future far more “dazzling” than we could ask or imagine!


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